My artwork depicts the ‘otherworldly’ place between dreams, reality and imagination. What are dreams? What is reality? Is there another reality beyond what we perceive? I am fascinated by the textures, figures and scenes in our minds that reflect an imagined world of symbols, folklore, myths and archetypes. I am particularly interested in the sense of mystery and imbalance we experience when we speculate on what is real in our own lives versus what is imagined, and whether or not we are always capable of distinguishing between the two.

I love to draw and especially love creating minute, detailed textures. Burning images onto wood is a natural fit for me, as its dense, heavy character grounds my drawings and adds weight to their otherworldly themes. I create intricate textures on the wood, scarring its surface while burning pockets of tree sap into deep pits and gouges. My work is finished with milk paint—an all-natural, traditional paint made from milk proteins. The resulting engravings are both tactile and sensual, connecting our primal, earthbound reality to the more fleeting world of dreams and imagination.

About Me

I create burned wood engravings that combine my love of the textures and patterns found in nature with a deep interest in the unconscious world of dreams, symbols and mythic folklore.

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